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Jingyi Wang (b. 1984, Beijing, China) is a performance maker and curator base in Bergen, Norway. Her works are featured by original interdisciplinary performance, involving artists and artworks from performing arts and contemporary arts. 







 2019. 02                    TPAM 2019. YOHOHAMA, Japan

                                    Post Capitalistic Auction performance


 2018.10                     PAMS 2019, Seoul, Korea

                                    Participating as member of of Norwegian           



 2018.11                     CINARS Biennale 2019, Montreal, Canada

                                    Participating as member of Norwegian delegation.





2016 -  2018              POST CAPITALISTIC AUCTION, Premier


                                    Concept, director, curator                                   

                                    March. 15th - 16h@ Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen,


                                    Co-production: BIT teatergarasjen, BEK, Bergen- 



2016                           STATIC THEATER #2 : WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU

                                    I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU, Premier


                                   Performance director, exhibition curator, text 


                                   Nov. 18th - Dec. 11th, 2016@ Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen

                                   Co-production: bit Teatergarasjen, Kunsthall 3.14


2016. 07                   STATIC THEATER#1 : THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT-                                      BEHIND, Beijing NLGX Art Festival tour


                                   Director, curator

                                   July 9th -10th, 2016@Penghao Theater, Beijing



2015. 09                   WORKSHOP: FROM INTERSUBJECTIVITES TO         

                                  PERFORMANTIVITY IN THE SPACE OF ENCOUNTER

                                  Sep. 25-28th @ Talent program of Theater,Culture




2014 - 2015             STATIC THEATER #1 : THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT

                                  BEHIND, Premier 


                                  Performance director and exhibit curator

                                  May.3rd, 2015@Studio USF, Bergen

                                  Co-production of BIT Teatergarasjen and BEK 


2011.03 - 07            DANCE-THEATER: INTIMACY, Premier


                                  Director, choreographer, script writer

                                  Jul. 11 - 13th@Penghao Theater, Beijing

                                  Co-production: Penghao Theater

2011.7                     DRAMA: PELIKAN (Playwright: August Strindberg,   

                                 director: Mathias La Folie)


                                 Assistant director

                                 Penghao Theater, Beijing

Grants Awarded

2018  Free Words Norway  (Fritt Ord Norge) 

2017  Art Council of Norway - Interdisciplinary Art

2017  Bergen Municipality - Interdisciplinary Art

2017  Fund for Sound and Image (FLB)

2017  Art Council of Norway - Free stage art - theater 

2017  Fund by Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai

2016  Art Council of Norway -  Diverse Scholarship

2016  Bergen Municipality - Interdisciplinary Art

2016  Bergen Municipality- International art project  

2016  Bergen Municipality - Culture Scholarship

2016  Art Council of Norway  - Free stage art - theater

2016  Fund for Sound and Image (FLB)

2015  Bergen Municipality - Performing Art

2015  Art Council of Norway - Free stage art - theater


Mandarin:  Mother tongue

English:  Fluent

French:  Good

Cantonese:  Basic

Norwegian:  Basic

Italian: Basic

Université Libre de Bruxelles, The University of Copenhagen, Université de Nice

​2011 - 2013


Degree: M.A 

Major: Performing Arts



The Chinese University of Hong Kong

​2006 - 2007


Degree: M.A

Major: Global Communication

Peking University

​2002 - 2006


Degree: B.A

Major: Advertisement

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