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JUDGE ME is the second project under the concept "performative event". It referenced an actual court trial as a framework to discuss the dilemma of artists regarding their value in neoliberal society.


Instead of keeping the discussion within the art field, this project  invited people from other occupations to "JUDGE" artists’ value. What is the role and position of artist in society today? Do artists have important value to society? How artists' works are valued in today?

I am both the prosecutor and defendant,  7 people from different professions are invited as witnesses to testify and debate , the audience is the jury by casting their votes digitally. The video documentation of full performance is available to view at:

Facebook page:

Premiere:  Meteor Festival October 2021.


Co-production of: BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen Center of Electronic Art.

Supported by Art Council of Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, Bergen Municipality. 

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