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Whether money can decide everything?

POST CAPITALISTIC AUCTION is a performative event, a real and alternative auction. Audience are invited to bid for artworks in new ways. Actual transactions takes place. The twist is that bidders are invited to make offers not only with money – understanding, opportunity, and exchange are introduced as additional currencies...

Static Theater #1 : Those That Have Been Left Behind
What are those that left behind? Are those gone or they actually still carried by us in certain way? Do they appear again and again in our life in another way? Did they really exist or not? From which perspective we look at those that have been left behind? ...

Static Theater #2 : When I am talking to you I am not talking to you

By integrating performance into exhibition the concept explores theater’s potential for curation. The space is switched between a “white box” and a “black box” to create different contexts of presenting art works and performance. The performance makes use of video walls and audience’s live chat through mobile to decentrailze the frontal stage and disperse the focus of the spectator...


A performative court trial on whether artists are overvalued/undervalued by society. Shifting between the claimant and defendant, I invited 7 people from different professions as witnesses, the audience as the jury to judge me.

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